Designed as a
wellbeing space

Safety, outdoor spaces, design created to reduce stress and improve well-being, applied technology that makes our lives easier.

86d Velázquez has the highest level of LEED certification, platinum category, as a result of enhancing the property in five areas: sustainable site, water protection and efficiency, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Colonial sustainability decalogue

The best technological innovation to be more efficient and sustainable.

In its interest to promote a life centered on wellness, Colonial has created the ed-i platform. A proptech technological innovation that allows a more efficient, comfortable and personalized way of working at 86d Velázquez.

ed-i facilitates day-to-day decision-making in building management and through state-of-the-art technology and from a single location, optimizes time and costs to generate efficiency and savings. The ed-i design adapts to the needs of each client, making property management more flexible, applying functionalities such as artificial intelligence, automated control, or self-regulation of air quality.


Low impact on water footprint with water consumption reduced by up to 70% through utility technology

Powered 100% by green energies, and have photovoltaic panels in the building.

Built with high recycled content and low emission materials with carbon footprint reduction certificate.

Area destined for a correct recycling of waste

A great variety of indoor species (15 types) of which 33 are great indoor air purifiers according to a NASA study. A high representation of native outdoor plants (77%), including species with fruits, species attractive to pollinators, nest boxes for geckos, insect habitats, dry stone habitats and water points for birds.


Control of temperature, relative humidity and CO2 concentration levels through connection to the building's central system. Four-tube ceiling fan-coils, which treat the load generated by distinguishing the perimeter modulation and the internal zone.

Connected to the DALI system, which allows the power to be optimized according to the external light level.

Smart lifts and selective stops through connection to the entrance access system. 4 lifts + 1 service lift.

High% natural light in workspaces and great views from any workspace

Encourages physical activity with the presence of open stairs and natural outdoor environments (4 terraces).


Tenant-only changing area with showers and lockers.

Bicycle parking and parking spaces for electric cars with chargers

Space destined to facilitate the parcels and post.

Location in a strategic area with access to public transport promoting sustainable transport .

Community strategy to promote the generation of engagement and talent