An active space
designed to be lived in

Nowadays we are becoming more aware of the value of how a moment, a person and even a place makes us feel.

86d Velázquez offering valuable experiences, places that are open, dynamic, and flexible, but above all, spots that have something meaningful to offer.

A building which seeks to engage with people and provides additional value by generating engagement and company culture with and action plan that includes conferences, relevant exhibitions or even corporate social responsibility actions

Every corner is a unique space,
The Velázquez Garden

A natural environment has inspired this multi-purpose space. A place created to meet, share, connect, present ideas and talk about projects in a relaxed way, or simply to take a break and have a coffee.

A versatile space full
of personality.

It is reserved exclusively for companies located in the building and created to adapt to the new working models and evolving to a more collaborative and flexible formula. In this space their employees can hold an informal meeting, make a pitch to a small audience, give a talk in auditorium format, or transform the space into an exclusive event venue.

Workspaces where you can share business opportunities
through social networking with other professionals. .

Private areas where you can have that meeting
or telephone conversation that needs more confidentiality.

From Velázquez
to the sky

The rooftop terrace is a large open space with privileged views, where nature and urban life merge in perfect harmony. Wellbeing in its purest form.

A versatile and adaptable space where we can disconnect to connect, have a drink at the Sky Bar, hold an informal meeting in a pleasant environment, hold an after-work event or exclusive celebrations.

A place designed to share memorable moments.